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La Rolling, kiosque transparent de médiation culturelle cyclable

" With the challenges of ecological change and decarbonization of culture, The Rolling' will be a great success, that's for sure. "

Béatrice Hanin
Director of the Theatre, national stage of Saint-Nazaire

Move your cyclo-showcase to reach your audience.

La Rolling kiosque tracté par un vélo part en médiation
Vue en plan de la Rolling, comptoir et vitrine mobile

The front cap flap opens to the public, protecting it from bad weather.

Integrated desk

The secretary and desk offer ample workspace for your big ideas.


Thanks to the total transparency of the walls present your products.


Display your books, objects and posters in a functional lighted shelf.


With a solar-powered outlet, stay plugged in.


Hermetically closed, The Rolling' insulates you from noise and rain.

La Rolling Design House carriole accueillant du public à Versailles

" The now famous Rolling' became the translucent mascot of the Louvre-Lens. "

hervé naudot

Journalist from la voix du nord

La Rolling carrosse contemporain tracté par un vélo avenue de Paris à Versailles

Thanks to the mobility of a sealed space, the field of possibilities for your communication is widened.

La Rolling en façade avant, un bureau lieu d'accueil

A small furnished
vehicle with multiple


which are a showcase, an office, a bookstore, a display counter, a signal, a place of reception, a rallying and meeting point.


Complying with CE requirements, The Rolling' has everything you need to drive kilometers on the road.

La Rolling une boutique ambulante tiré par un vélo

" The sleek shape and transparency of The Rolling' seduced local residents. "

Astrée Coutanson

In charge of
the International Design
Biennial of Saint-Etienne

Take advantage of the small footprint of The Rolling' : roll it inside.

210 cm

135 cm

La rolling façade arrière
La Rolling un guichet qui se déplace pour rencontrer votre public

" The Rolling' ticks all the boxes: it responds to economic, social and environmental challenges. "

Christophe Leray

Chroniques d’architecture

In addition to being a zero emission vehicle, The Rolling' is composed of recyclable materials machined in France.


Lightweight and removable
profilé aluminum

An aluminum structure

The tubular frame made of shoring sections is the right balance between resistance, flexibility and weight. It also allows simple dismantling.


Transparent and unbreakable
plaques de pmma

Polycarbonate partitions

A polycarbonate envelops your workspace: protected from rain, noise and shocks, you can expose everything.


The nobility of wood
texture chêne

An oak bench

Bringing a touch of warmth and material, the sliding oak bench offers you a comfortable seat.

Entrez dans la Rolling et partez en opération hors les murs

" The Rolling' : it's simply brilliant, the tool we've been waiting for for all our operations outside the walls! "

Florence Lecomte

Business Development Manager
Partnerships and Deauville Shops

La Rolling point de rencontre des mobilités douces et actives sur les routes

We have carefully designed every detail to energize your mediation.

La bibliothèque de la Rolling

Five meters of shelves in the window

Leaned against a completely transparent wall, the illuminated shelves leave you free to present your collections.

Siège et bureau de la Rolling

Adjust your interior for your use

A swivel secretary extends the counter and a seat on slides adapts to each of you.

La rolling en coupe, un espace protégé

Offer space to a new audience

Welcome visitors by pivoting the front flap, which turns into a protective awning.

La Rolling devant le parc du château de Versailles

" It is a mediation format that is easy to adopt and we are finding new formats for using it. "

Gautier Verbeke

director of the mediation service